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2015 Quarter 4 Issue 25
Message from the Chief Editor
The air-cooling chamber can substitute for a highly efficient dehumidifier, which reduces  cooling time and simplifies the technological process. It ensures production efficiency and reliability as well as improves the product quality and quantity at the same time. Application of Air-cooling Chamber on Plastic Molding in this issue covers the details.  

In general, the circulating inlet and outlet of the mould temperature unit connects with the mould inlet and outlet. As a result this would form a closed circulation loop. A high temperature medium circulates in the loop to heat up and maintains constant temperature for the mould. In the process, factors of different heating temperature, demands a pipeline structure which affects the actual application of mould temperature control. Following is the explanation of the aspects of pipe connection. This issue brings you the Notice for Pipe Connection of Mould Temperature Controller and Mould.  

The 29th ChinaPlas exhibition was held successfully, Shini performed its outstanding innovation ability during the exhibition. Shini auto weighing technology of liquid Masterbatch, control technology of power consumption and visual control technology received much attention of the visitors. Meanwhile, Shini took part the program of smart plant, and employed the advanced equipment to produce the aviation cups, which utilized the internet to transmit the data to the main computer for central monitoring and real-time read. All above facts proves that Shini has led the dominant position and been the leader which possessed the latest technologies in the auxiliary equipment industry.   

At last, any opinions about View of Shini are welcome for us to improve the journal and to provide the technology of product and information of industry which you need. 
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