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2016 Quarter 1 Issue 26
Message from the Chief Editor
Energy-saving technology uses the advanced technology to reach the energy-saving purpose.  For a complete set of molding production line, the most energy consumption equipment usually is the molding machine, the consumption of auxiliary equipment generally accounts for 10%~30%. So how to improve the energy efficiency of Drying & Dehumidifying equipment is crucially important. Now let’s focus the energy-saving technology for Drying & Dehumidifying equipment. 

The brand new Shinchen not only continued its production, manufacture and research for rotary valve based on the advanced Japanese technologies, but also applied all sorts of valve production technologies from Taiwan, which enhanced its competitiveness on the market. Moreover, it added the powder and granule conveying project. The project section has more than 20 years experience on designing, it possesses lots of successful cases on powder and granule, chemical, plastics and food industries etc. In the design, it also integrated the advanced concept from Japanese advisor, which made further efforts to guarantee the safety, rationality and efficiency of the project. This issue brings you about the principle and application of Shinchen pneumatic conveying technology. 

2015 International Robot and Intelligent Equipment Fair of Guangdong, the 17th DMP International Exhibition of Mould, Metalworking, Packaging, Plastics & Rubber ended successfully. Shini mainly exhibited the European Compact Dryer SCD-ES, Water Heater STM-MW, Servo Driven Robot SST3-900-1600 and other products. All above models feature good performance in high efficiency, energy saving and automation. The sLink protocol solution especially aims at industry 4.0, it integrates the resource from auxiliary equipment and IMM into one network, achieving convenient operation of auxiliary equipment on computer, IMM and workbench, which largely improves the working efficiency. Particularly refer to the Report after 2015 DMP Exhibition for details.  

At last, any opinion about View of Shini is welcomed for us to improve the journal and to provide the technology of product and information of industry which you need. 
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