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2015 Quarter 2 Issue 23
Message from the Chief Editor
PET mainly employed to produce synthetic fiber, PET bottle and thin sheet. All of these can satisfy the quality, safety and maintenance requirements from customers, we have taken efforts to improve the performance in PET crystallization. For even better to supply the customers with higher quality, safety and easier maintenance’s products, we upgraded the structure of PET crystallizer by improving the mixing assembly.

Something more than just the price of chiller often costs specific consideration for product competitiveness. There are environment protection and energy-saving to be considered. Whether product from industrial water chiller is energy-saving or not can be reflected by COP values. China has related standard stipulated that COP of the water chiller should reach corresponding values. Now, the China standard follows GB/T 19577-2004 Minimum Allowable Values of the Energy Efficiency & Energy Efficiency Grades for Water Chillers, which classifies the energy efficiency to 1,2,3,4,5 five grades. For detailed information about the coating, please refer to this View of Shini

From the economic point of view, whether it is to use the hot-runner system or not, is usually determined by comparison between the input costs and return profits of adopting the system. In actual consideration, it should rely on the calculation and comparison according to the details of production circumstance. From the technological point of view, whether it is to use the hot-runner system or not, is ordinarily determined both by product’s R&D team and mould manufacturer. In What Circumstance to Use Hot-runner has been introduced for you in this issue. 

In addition, any opinions about View of Shini are welcome for us to improve the journal and to provide the technology of product and information of industry which you need. 

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