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2014 Quarter 4 Issue 21
Message from the Chief Editor
For recent twenty years, demands of thermoforming container and package plastic film are growing day by day with the development of plastics industry. It is estimated that the demands of plastic films in global market will reach 71 million tons in 2020. Under the major premises of productivity increase, waste material reduction, quality improvement and cost reduction, all of us are paying more and more attention to the leftover material recycling. The weighing of flakes has always been a tough question within industry.  Please read this issue of the View of Shini on the features of flakes and the solutions. 

Energy consumption of Shini granulator mainly come form the motor. As leader in the field, we constantly take our efforts to lower costs by pursuing high-efficiency motor. In this case, everyone can be benefited from the lower costs of longer motor lifespan.  Please read this issue of the View of Shini on Shini Granulator Energy-saving Motor Update.

View of Shini has created the precedent of plastics auxiliary magazine within enterprise. It transmits technology and enterprise brand information, broadcasts enterprise spirit, strengthens enterprise cohesion and propagandizes the enterprise to publicity to let the society know Shini in details. 

In addition, any opinions about View of Shini are welcome for us to improve the journal and to provide the technology of product and information of industry which you need. 

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